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Let's get you up and running...

Install the app (optional)

If you are using Journalistic on a mobile device (phone, tablet), we highly recommend you install the app for a better user experience.

On a laptop or desktop, you can also install the app to get a desktop icon, but the in-app experience is very similar to the web app. So, you might as well just bookmark it and launch it from the browser.

You can find installation instructions for all device types (Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) in our Installation Guide.

Sign up

Before you can start journaling you need to sign up and create a user account. This is necessary to store your entries and sync them between devices. We are already working on an upgrade that will make it possible to use Journalistic (with some limitations) without an account. But for now, go to the signup page and register.

Once you've created your user account, you're good to go. Continue to the next section and start writing your first entry.