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PRO version

The PRO version of Journalistic is still in the making. Until it is available, all PRO features (marked with a PRO badge) are free to try for everyone.


Please keep in mind that, once the PRO version is released, you'll lose access to all marked features and related data unless you upgrade to the PRO plan.


What's included in the free version?

The idea is that you get a great journaling experience with Journalistic even if you can not or do not want to pay for a PRO subscription. BASIC accounts will have access to all essential modules (Reflect, Dreams, Highlights, Tags & People, Notes, Wisdom, Ideas) and will be able to write and access entries without limitations.

Features for more advanced usage and related to personal development like statistics, insights, encryption, etc. will be available only to paying customers.

Which features are exclusive to PRO users?

The following list is not final, but should give you rough idea of which features will most likely be exclusive to users with a PRO subscription.

Features marked with * are already available in the app and free to use until the PRO version is officially released.

  • Timelines (for dreams, highlights, tags, mentions, etc.)*
  • Insights module*
  • 7-day streak indicators for entries*
  • Pins*
  • Do more/less for tags*
  • Images (later)
  • Multiple dreams per entry and additional options for dreams
  • Focus modes*
  • Optional end-to-end encryption (later)
  • Alternative themes (maybe)
  • Alternative fonts (maybe)
  • Guinea pig mode to test beta features*
  • Multiple journals (maybe)
  • API access (later)

How much will the PRO version cost?

Pricing for the PRO plan is not final yet and might change. You can always find our most up-to-date pricing model on the landing page under "Pricing".

The goal is to establish a fair pricing model that reflects the value the app generates and which works for both users and developers.

The PRO version will definitely be subscription-based (monthly) and probably there will be discounts and/or benefits for early users.

Why should I pay anyway?

Few things are truly free. Most likely, you pay for the "free" products and services you use with personal data, attention, time, or the like...

We do not sell any of your data and we do not display any ads, yet developing, running and maintaining our services is expensive. These are the costs you pay for as PRO user.

You can see it this way: the more users subscribe to the PRO version the more time and budget we have to improve Journalistic further.

When will the PRO version be released?

We currently plan to release the PRO version in the second half of 2022.