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We love feedback!

For feedback of any kind, please join our discussions on Discord (community) and Reddit (public) or send us an email.

Bug reports

When you encounter bugs, please send them our way so that we can fix them asap!

You can also have a look at the troubleshooting section, it might have a solution.

When sending a bug report, please include the version number (vX.X.X) of your app if you have access to it. You can find it at the bottom of the Settings page [ MenuSettings ] or on the Updates page [ MenuUpdates ].

Feature requests

If there is a feature missing, please let us know!

A lot of amazing features of Journalistic have been suggested by users like you. We collect feature requests and prioritize them based on how many users have asked for them, given that they are feasible and fit into the concept.

Common feature requests

There are some feature requests that we frequently receive. You can find a list of them below, together with their current status and, if applicable, a statement of "why" they have been postponed or rejected.

  • Offline support (under construction)

    We are aware that the lack of full offline support is currently the biggest issue with the app and that the dependency on a stable internet connection creates a lot of problems for some users. We are already working on it, but unfortunately, the implementation requires a full refactor of how data is handled by the app, and therefore it might take a bit until we can roll this feature out.

  • Multiple dreams per entry (coming)

    This will be coming but doesn't have a very high priority at the moment. If you are interested in this feature please let us know so that we can adjust priority according to demand.

  • Images (probably coming)

    We already have a prototype implementation for image uploads and are currently testing them. Image uploads will probably come to the PRO version of Journalistic, once it is out. The main challenge with images is the handling of large amounts of data.

  • Encryption (probably coming)

    We are already experimenting with encryption technology and full end-to-end encryption will probably come (optionally) to Journalistic. Have a look at the Voynich project and our post "Talking Privacy of Journaling Apps" for more details.

  • Native iOS app (postponed)

    There are currently a lot of challenges with publishing a Progressive Web App in the AppStore (mainly due to limited support from Apple), but we are working on it.

    You can find more info on Maximiliano Firtman's iOS PWA Compatibility report.

  • Text formatting (coming, at least to some modules)

    Text formatting will definitely come to the Notes module to make it more powerful.

    Whether formatting will be available for Bullets is still under consideration. The reason for this is the automatic formatting for tags, mentions, links, and other potential contexts in the future, which might interfere with custom formatting.

  • Translations (postponed)

    The probably most often requested feature for Journalistic has been translation. Many users have even offered to help with translating to Spanish, Chinese, etc.

    Unfortunately, translating an app permanently slows down development and eats up resources. Therefore, since Journalistic is still a quite small project and resources are limited, there won't be any translations for now. But this might change in the future if the project gets a bit more mature.

  • Alternative fonts (under consideration)

    We might add an option to choose from a small selection of alternative fonts. The challenge here is that choice always requires more code and more testing for unrelated features, which slows down the development process.

  • Alternative color themes (under consideration)

    The implementation of alternative color themes is tricky because they all have to work together (contrast, aesthetics, etc.) with the colors we use to distinguish modules and highlight elements.

  • Prompts (under consideration)

    The idea behind micro journaling is to reflect on whatever occupies your mind. Prompts might be distracting and direct your focus away from what is important. We're still considering though to add functionality to configure customizable prompts.

  • Habit tracking (rejected for now)

    Habit tracking has also been requested quite a lot. However, the core focus of Journalistic is on the writing part and reflecting upon what is important and what is not. We already feature tracking with #tags and @mentions but want to stay away from ticking off boxes daily. There are already a lot of apps out there that do that.