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Notes is more or a less a simple notes app built right into Journalistic. This module is still in an early stage and will likely see some major upgrades in the future, like for instance a WYSIWYG editor for text formatting.


Notes are linked to entries either via the date of creation or via direct association if you use the + Add note button in the Entry details menu. If Show items in entries is activated in App settings, notes will show up inside entries along your daily writings.

Note labels

Note labels can be used to organize your notes. Every Note can have multiple labels, e.g. Monthly recap or Book summary and Politics.

Note folders

Note folders are still under construction and will be coming soon...

How to use Notes

You can use Notes to write down anything you like: weekly / monthly / annual summaries, "lessons learned", thought experiments, etc.

Notes can be completely independent from entries and dates, but one interesting way to use them is to elaborate on bullets and add more detail.


Your entry might look something like this:

  • Woke up at 4:30am, cup of coffee and packing for the trip.
  • 15h flight, BKK to LIS with layover in Dubai. Watched "Dinosaurs: The Final Day" with David Attenborough, really good.

And to elaborate on the learnings from the documentary, you could add a note like:

Archeologists unearthed a fossil deposit in North Dakota called Tanis, which seems to capture the very moment of the Chicxulub event. Evidence for this is the presence of microtektites in the gills of fish that were deposited at the site. The only known mechanism to produce these tektites is a high-energy impact event. The fish seem to have inhaled the tektites just before getting buried by seiche waves that resulted from the seismic shockwaves and extremely strong earthquakes.