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PRO feature

While you write, Journalistic automatically compiles comprehensive statistics and insights for you and visualizes them in the form of key numbers, timelines, and charts.

Some of the insights are also presented in other places of the app, basically, wherever they are useful and where it makes sense to show them, e.g. in tag- and person details.

Insights is part of the "personal development" feature set integrated into Journalistic.


On the top right you'll find a timeframe selector that you can use to change the considered timeframe for the stats and charts. This will become particularly interesting if you journal for more than a year.

By default, or if you select All time, the entire history of your journal is taken into account. Timelines and charts will reflect the last 365 days.

If you select a specific year (don't select 2020!), stats and timelines will show data for that year only.

How to use Insights

Most stats and insights are not supposed to be reviewed daily, they capture long-term trends and do not vary much on a day-to-day basis. To track activities over short periods with #tags, take a look at the Pins section under Reflect.


Once in a while, or whenever you feel curious, open Insights and explore statistics about your life and writing behavior, they might uncover some interesting correlations you haven't thought about before.

Tracking specific stats

There might be certain stats that you are peculiarly interested in and that you want to track, either to preserve a habit that you have established or to change one. The saying goes "you can't improve what you can't measure". Simply by monitoring stats you will become more mindful about your behavior, which can – in some cases – already be enough to tip the scale.

Some examples:

  • You might want to increase the number of highlights in your life, then you can track the Highlights timeline as well as the monthly variation to see if your highlight rate increases or decreases over time.

  • You might want to know if you are dreaming more on weekends than on weekdays, which can be an indicator for a lack of sleep. Here, the "Weekday distribution" chart can give insights.