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Reflect brings your entries and the items you have added to Journalistic back in front of your eyes so that you can reflect upon them.


The Reflect "stream" is completely customizable and you can adjust which sections you want to see via the Reflect settings on the top right of the screen. If you do not want to use Reflect at all you can even completely disable it in App settings (not recommended).


Random items

"Random items" resurfaces Wisdom and Ideas you added in the past as Gem of the day and Idea of the day. You can toggle them on/off individually. They are selected randomly every 24h and automatically update in the end of the day.

To force a refresh of a random item you can toggle it off and on again, which will trigger a new random selection.


The Focus section keeps your top goals always in front of your eyes. It determines the number of goals to show based on the selected Focus mode or defaults to 5 if none is selected.


Yesterday simply displays the past day's entry if there is one. It also gives you a handy shortcut if you haven't written an entry for that day yet.

This week

This week compiles noteworthy events of the past week, aka. Highlights, new Tags and Mentions, Widsom, Ideas, etc.


PRO feature

Pins give you convenient 30-day timelines for Tags and Tag groups of your choosing. If you want to build a habit or track your progress, the pins can help you with that.


  • Group all exercising tags together and pin the group to get an overview of how active you were in the past 30 days.

  • Track how often you work on your side project by writing short bullets about what you accomplished in each session and tag them. Pin the tag and voila.

One year ago

"One year ago" throwbacks show up once you have been journaling for more than 365 days. They bring back the entry you've written exactly one year ago for the given date.

Memory lane

Memory lane brings back random entries to reflect upon and requires at least 10 entries to be available. The displayed entry gets shuffled automatically every 24h, but if you feel nostalgic you can click on the dices and shuffle manually for another throwback.

How to use Reflect

Using this module is straightforward. It's designed to be just opened and swiped/scrolled through. You do not have to look in detail at all the sections every time, just go into whatever catches your eye.

Ideally, dedicate ~5 minutes every day to reflect upon the past.