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The ideas module is quite simple. It allows you to save all your ideas in one place and revisit them at any given time.

If activated, the Reflect page will bring random ideas back to your attention via the Idea of the day feature.


Ideas are linked to entries either via the date of creation or via direct association if you use the action + Add idea in the Entry details menu. If Show items in entries is activated in App settings, ideas will show up inside entries along your daily writings.

Planned features

Here are the things we have planned for future upgrades of the Ideas module:

  • Status: conceived, in progress, implemented, canceled, etc.
  • Solutions: a way to add multiple solutions to an Idea to possibly turn it into reality.
  • Connections: connect Ideas to other Ideas for the Big Picture.

How to use Ideas

Tony Fadell (the guy behind the iPod, the iPhone and Nest) describes the motivation behind this module precisely in his book "Build" (chapter 4.1).

The insight is, basically, that we have a lot of ideas all the time, but in the heat of the moment, we oftentimes completely overestimate their feasibility. Tony recommends keeping ideas in the drawer for a while and letting our minds process them. After sleeping over an idea a few times we'll have a better grasp on it and can probably make a better assessment of whether or not the idea is actually great.

The Ideas module allows you to write down ideas and "keep them in the drawer". The Reflect module will resurface ideas from time to time and there's some dedicated functionality to elaborate on them as you get new insights into the topic.