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There are some settings that you can change in different places throughout the app, but they are all also listed on the settings page, where you can completely personalize your Journalistic app.

Types of settings

There are two kinds of settings in Journalistic:

  1. Profile settings
  2. Device settings

In a future update, we'll mark them, so that you can easily distinguish between them. But for now, you do not need to worry about which is which, they will probably work exactly as you expect.

Profile settings

Profile settings are synchronized between devices, meaning, that if you change the setting on one device, all other devices that you use will update the setting as well.

Currently, they are:

  • Display of special dates
  • Auto-tagging and -mentioning
  • Feature toggles for Dreams, Notes, etc.

Device settings

Device settings are device-specific, meaning, you can have different settings on different devices. When setting up a new device, the device settings will initially be populated with the latest settings that you used on other devices, or with the defaults in case you don't have other devices yet.

All settings not listed under Profile settings are device settings.