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Tags & People

Tags and mentions (people) work exactly as they do on Twitter. They are used to link bullets to the given item. You can then easily open the page of a tag or person and see all bullets that mention them. You will also get amazing stats, e.g. on which weekday you use a certain tag most or when was the first time you mentioned someone.

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Do more / less

PRO feature

Do more or less is a way to indicate whether you want to increase or decrease the usage of a certain tag. It can also be interpreted as which tags are good and which tags are bad. For instance, you might want to increase your usage of the tag #surfing, but decrease the usage of #sick.

You can set the do more / less status by opening a tag and going to the details tab. Once you have selected either of the two the tag will be highlighted everywhere in blue (more) or orange (less).


Pins give you convenient 30-day timelines for Tags and Tag groups in your Reflect stream. Have a look at the Reflect section for details.


Currently, there is no special functionality for People that is not also available for tags.


Aliases help you avoid duplication of tags and people when you use different variations of a word with the same meaning or its plural, e.g. #surf, #surfin, and #surfing, or @Tom and @Tommy.

Just add the different variations as an alias to the main one and they will behave like a single tag/person in lists and statistics.

Use aliases only for synonyms of the same tag, or person respectively. If you want to group different tags/people together for combined insights, e.g. #running and #gym into "workout", use groups instead.


Groups come in handy if you want to keep track of a category of different tags or people. For instance, if you want to get stats and insights on your "exercising" routine you could group #bball, #running, and #workout together. Or you combine @Mam, @Dad, and @Bro as "family".

Groups are meant to aggregate conceptually different tags and people to get more meaningful insights. To link tags/people that refer to essentially the same thing or person, use aliases instead.


It is possible to automatically tag things and mention people without having to type the # and @ symbols. This can also be useful to make sure that you do not forget to tag/mention items and thereby distort stats.

You can turn auto-tagging/mentioning on/off in App settings for each of the modules separately. In the future, it might even be possible to set the behavior on a per tag/person level.