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If you encounter problems with the app, please go through the following quick fix checklist first, this might resolve your issue right away.

Quick fix checklist

Follow the checklist in order, explanations for each step are below.


  1. Check if the the device is plugged in. JK 😂
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  3. Check the system status and make sure that the App server is operational.
  4. Refresh data.
  5. Completely close and re-open the app.
  6. Clear the browser cache.

Internet connection check

You can check your internet connection by visiting

System status check

We try to keep the app operational at all times, but sometimes there are glitches and our servers go down. If the app is down, we're probably already working on bringing it back up. In this case, please just have some patience and wait until the system is operational again. The monitor automatically notifies us if there is an incident.

Refresh data

Sometimes, data stored on the device gets corrupted or becomes outdated if a new version is released. To refresh the data from the server, open the menu and click Refresh data. This might also help if data somehow disappeard on a device or is not in sync between devices.

Re-open the app

This mainly applies for mobile devices. To completely close the app, open the task switcher (typically swiping up from the bottomm) and swipe it out to the top of the screen. This ensurses that the device is really completely closing the app. Then re-open it and see if it worked.

Clear the browser cache

As a last resort, try to clear the browser cache. Since, Journalistic is a Progressive Web App it shares its cache with the browser. You might want to check the documentation of your browser to see how that works. It should be enough to clear the cache for the domain

Known issues

Entries not saving

Unfortunately, due to the current system architecture, Journalistic requires a stable internet connection to save entries and items. An instable connection might lead to changes being lost. We are already working on a better architecture to enable full offline support for Journalistic. In the meantime, please always make sure that you have a stable internet connection when writing in your journal.

Frequent logouts

There are currently some hiccups with the authentication system that might require you to sign in more often than necessary. We are aware of this problem and are working on it.

Problems with iOS

There have been some issues with old iOS versions where the app just doesn't open anymore after an update. What happens is that the device refuses to update the service worker and keeps loading an outdated version.

Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this problem yet, besides updating iOS to the a more recent version.

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