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The dream journaling module is deeply integrated into Journal entries and adding/updating/deleting Dreams works similar to how Bullets work.

With Dreams, you can conveniently log your nightly adventures and look back at them on the Dreams page. Note that it is not possible to add or remove dreams via the Dreams page, right now that is only possible inside entries.

If you do not want to log your dreams at all, you can disable the dreams module entirely in app settings [ MenuSettings ] to be out of the way.

The Science of Dreaming

To find out more about dream journaling and the science behind it, have a look at the following two posts from our blog:

Dream input modes

There are two modes with which you can use dreams. You can toggle between them in the app Settings under the Dreams section.

Inline mode

Inline mode is for users that use the dream feature a lot and add dream entries to their journal daily or almost daily. When turned on you will see a placeholder for your dreams on every entry. This is perfect if you want to wake up in the morning, open the app and directly write down your dream.

On-demand mode

On-demand mode is for users that add dream entries only occasionally. When inline mode is turned off you can add dreams to your journal just like other items via the plus button on the top right of the Write page, or via the menu dropdown (three dots) on the top right of the Entry details page.


Here are some improvements that are planned for the Dreams module:

  • Adding dreams directly from the Dreams page.
  • Possibility to add multiple dreams per entry. PRO feature
  • Indicators to mark dreams as recurring. PRO feature
  • Dream details to add notes or interpretations to dreams. PRO feature

How to use Dreams

It's essential to write down your dreams right after you wake up. An inherent property of dreams is that recalling them is oftentimes momentary, and we'll lose access to them if we wait too long.

The dream module is designed exactly with this scenario in mind. You grab your phone, open the app and with 1 or 2 clicks you can start typing down your dreams.